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Managing Bankruptcy Conflicts

Managing Bankruptcy Conflicts InOutsource’s Max Welsh on navigating a critical, complex and common risk scenario As I create educational content for an online learning management system which InOutsource is developing for law firm risk and conflicts staff, I thought I’d take a moment to share my thoughts on one of the most complicated conflicts conundrums […]

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Interview with an Intapp Cloud Migration Expert

Interview with an Intapp Cloud Migration Expert Eric Mosca on Navigating Your Connected Firm’s Journey to the Intapp Cloud For firms seeking advice on migrating existing systems or implementing new Intapp solutions in the cloud, Eric Mosca of InOutsource shares his strategic insight along with practical guidance. As one of the first Intapp services partners […]

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Analytics Solutions That Deliver True Insight

Transforming Analytics Insight Into Real-World Solutions At InOutsource, we implement insight for our law firm customers, addressing a broad range of issues Working closely with you, our Data and Analytics (DNA) practice offers strategic advisory, expert consulting and tailored solution development services — all focused on enabling firms to most effectively distill their data to […]

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