Audit Letter Workflow Automation Overview

Responding to audit letters is a professional requirement for every law firm. Using the InOutsource solution for audit letter response, risk teams can execute this critical process more efficiently while minimizing the overhead and interruption lawyers experience with legacy, manual methods.

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Karen Frazier Joins InOutsource Information Governance Consulting Practice

Karen Frazier Joins InOutsource Information Governance Consulting Practice Experienced law firm operations professional and consultant joins roster of IG experts at InOutsource PHILADELPHIA — May 24, 2022 — InOutsource today announced that Karen Frazier has joined its Information Governance Practice as a senior consultant in Integration and Development. Frazier brings

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Webinar: Supporting KM and BizDev teams with Fresher New Case Filing Alerts and Intelligence

In 2022, if you’re looking for new analytics use cases using tools like PowerBI and Qlik, we have a great one. Timely information about case filings lets firms more actively and consistently understand client needs, and pitch services to existing and potential clients — particularly in those “ahead of service of process” situations where clients are not aware they are subject to new legal action. However, traditional approaches to filtering, finding and forwarding those proverbial needles-in-the-haystack for lawyer follow-up tend to be heavily manual and cumbersome at best.

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ILTA Security Panel: “Winning Cybersecurity Operations”

Data breaches and cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high, forcing law firms to re-evaluate and refine their approach to security operations and risk management. With resources strained, and cybersecurity talent increasingly difficult to recruit, many firms are looking for new ways to meet their professional and operational obligations. Taking advantage of unique capabilities, including 24/7 support, several firms are now enthusiastically adopting a managed services model, collaborating closely with seasoned partners.

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Virtual Roundtable: Information Governance – Teams Within Teams

The availability of unstructured repositories is the downfall of law firm information governance. Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool du jour, so how do you start using it on the right foot? We are excited to host a discussion among all of you about the ways your approach to IG guides (or should guide) the firm’s use of Teams.

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