Click through the icons below for more detail on the types of offerings that InOutsource can help your firm tackle.  We are here to support every aspect of your Information Governance, New Business Intake, and Conflicts of Interest needs.  For over 15 years we have honed these offerings in order to effectively help law firms bring about meaningful improvements.

FileTrail Records Management System Sales and Implementation Services

FileTrail is the premier records management system on the market. A feature rich and customizable piece of modern software, FileTrail is 100% browser based and offers both a hosted and on premises model. FileTrail boasts the ability to profile and save electronic material on its own as well as the available integrations with multiple document management system. FileTrail offers a retention review module that stands alone in the marketplace for its ability to streamline the process of final disposition.

InOutsource is FileTrail’s only partner specializing in the legal industry. Since 2002, InOutsource has provided business process consulting in the legal information governance arena. InOutsource will ensure that law firm clients are not only upgrading a piece of software, but also upgrading policy, procedure, and processes during every software implementation.

The partnership between InOutsource and FileTrail provides the skills and expertise earned from years of experience. InOutsource’s trusted record in improving law firm client policy and process surrounding the management of Client and Administrative records, in cooperation with FileTrail’s ten year history developing and supporting the most flexible and feature rich records management system on the market, will prove to make the perfect customized solution for every individual client both quickly and affordably. In order to manage information efficiently and compliantly in today’s legal environment, rely on InOutsource and FileTrail for all your records management needs.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

In order to remain competitive Law Firms are being forced to increase efficiency. Firms employing data driven decision making practices, with the help of Business Intelligence and Analytics technology solutions, are driving profitability at a higher rate.

InOutsource will work with your firm to define a business intelligence and analytics strategy that will allow the firm to integrate data sources, and automate data analysis across diverse data repositories and law firm departments. InOutsource understands what questions to ask when defining business requirements for an enterprise-wide BI technology solution. InOutsource provides assistance with platform evaluation, selection and implementation.

The InOutsource team can help to identify opportunities and ideal content for analytic applications. Our intuitive data visualizations will give business users access to the information they require to make key decisions with confidence. Our solutions offer firms the opportunity to look ahead with the ability to incorporate predictive analytics.


InOutsource has formed strategic partnerships with the cutting edge providers of two business intelligence technology solutions, Sisense and Qlik®. Our legal industry focus and business intelligence expertise, combined with our partners innovative products differentiate InOutsource.


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Intapp Open Implementation Services

InOutsource is the only Intapp implementation partner offering a depth of experience in the risk management practices central to new business intake and conflicts of interest clearance.

Our team consists of both subject matter experts in new business intake and conflicts management, as well as experienced database administration, application development, and Integration Builder resources.

Our Approach

InOutsource will provide a comprehensive analysis of your functional requirements related to new business intake and conflicts management. Included in this analysis will be recommendations on process improvements leveraging the Open software platform.


Data Integrity Analysis

In preparation for the implementation of Open at your law firm, our team will provide a comprehensive data integrity analysis of the databases that interact with the new business intake and conflicts processes. This analysis will assess the overall health of your databases with a focus on data anomalies and duplications. InOutsource can provide services to cleanse and normalize this data as part of the data conversion and integration effort.


Custom Report Development

The InOutsource team can provide custom report development services to support your law firm’s new business intake and conflicts management processes. These services often include the development of custom conflicts reports, daily new matter reports, and statistical and analytical reports.



InOutsource can provide a variety of training programs to support your law firm’s implementation of Open including:

  • Training the trainer
  • End-user training
  • Administrative training
  • Integration Builder training

Knowledge Transfer

InOutsource shares Intapp’s philosophy of “teach a law firm to fish.” While our team can provide ongoing support services, our preference is to empower clients to continue with the ongoing maintenance and development of their workflows with existing personnel. To support this philosophy, InOutsource’s standard scope of service include knowledge transfer sessions where our team will provide training and documentation on all development specifications, integration rules, and form and workflow designs.

The typical InOutsource scope of services for a new business intake project include development of following workflow processes:

  • Preliminary conflict check
  • New client, new matter opening process
  • Existing client, new matter opening process
  • Add conflict party process
  • Client and matter information change process

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Policy & Procedure Development

InOutsource has provided guidance to dozens of law firms on drafting policies such as:

  • Comprehensive Information Governance Policy – We will develop an Information Governance policy that reflects how to manage all physical and electronic client matter content throughout the lifecycle of client matter representation. We will also address the management of your firm’s administrative information and records.
  • Retention Policy – We will develop guidelines that articulate what information needs to be retained and for how long once client matter representation has concluded. InOutsource maintains an active, comprehensive database of relevant legal statutes and professional opinions to guide retention timeframes. Our understanding of the unique requirements of specific areas of law enables us to create an effective and compliant retention policy that addresses a law firm’s specific requirements. We will provide recommendations for retention periods and provide guidance on how to effectively execute final disposition decisions.
  • Lateral Attorney Onboarding and Departure Policy – We will develop policies that control the intake and departure of client information that enters or leaves Firm custody with a lateral attorney.
  • Legal Holds Policy – We will develop policies for halting routine destruction in the face of real or threatened litigation by preserving content in-place or through replication.
  • Ethical and Confidentiality Screen Policy – We will develop focused policies relating to securing and restricting access to confidential information.

InOutsource has strong institutional knowledge of risk management practices in the legal industry and will leverage this knowledge to draft risk management policies that address universal law firm concerns, client requests, and recommendations of liability insurance providers.

InOutsource has experience in developing procedures to increase efficiency and support the execution of existing or recently developed risk based polices. In order to support these new procedures, InOutsource often provides advice or training to existing law firm staff and can produce supporting documentation in forms of process diagrams and written procedures.

InOutsource can perform an assessment of your Firm’s current practices in order to define a new policy or develop a new procedure. A typical analysis consists of:

  • Collection and analysis of advance documentation
  • Onsite interviews and information collection
  • Additional remote interviews, as needed
  • Scheduled project planning meetings
  • Preparation and presentation of findings and recommendations
  • Development of deliverables to meet the needs of multiple audiences


Information Governance Needs Assessment

InOutsource is the premier provider of unbiased records management and information governance consulting services to the legal industry.  Our services allow law firms to implement a comprehensive Information Governance Program with a focus on improving efficiency, reducing risk, and reducing costs. Today’s legal industry supports multiple methodologies for the management of client matter information. Law firms turn to InOutsource for a variety of reasons; from a concern over compliance with professional responsibility rules and outside client guidelines to the logistical concerns associated with an office move or merger.

InOutsource is the only company offering and implementing legal-focused consulting and project management services.

Our Approach

InOutsource’s team of consultants and project managers have worked extensively with clients in the legal industry to improve information management processes.  Our approach to working with law firms always begins with a comprehensive assessment to document the current state of a law firm’s operations.  We utilize a variety of approaches to complete our analysis, with an eye towards keeping costs to our clients at a minimum.

Our comprehensive analysis is comprised of:

  • A thorough questionnaire and a list of requested documentation prior to start of analysis
  • One-on-one interviews – either in-person or virtual – with key stakeholders and administrative staff
  • Remote web conferencing as needed to view software environments and evaluate prior implementation and design decisions


An initial legal benchmarking assessment allows us to better understand the history behind the formation of policies and procedures, previous software deployment decisions, and the business usage of records from the perspective of the end user.

The legal benchmarking assessment examines the creation and management of client matter information from the matters’ lifecycle perspective. It provides the framework to formulate specific recommendations for creating a culture of “less paper” and complying with Information Governance policy and processes.

Our typical analysis consists of:

  • Collection and analysis of advance documentation
  • Onsite interviews and information collection
  • Additional remote interviews, as needed
  • Scheduled project planning meetings
  • Preparation and presentation of findings and recommendations
  • Development of deliverables to meet the needs of multiple audiences

New Business Intake Process Design

New business intake is the start of the client matter lifecycle. The information collected during new business intake will live on in Firm systems for years to come. Poor data collection can propagate to numerous downstream systems. Law firms are challenged to collect large volumes of information when a client relationship may be in its infancy. Understanding if a client or matter relationship is one that can properly be accepted, and whether it is an engagement that benefits the firm, is an ever-more-complex undertaking.

InOutsource has 15 years of experience in helping law firms define and refine the new business intake processes. InOutsource will help your Firm design a process that collects the right information at the right time, allowing the firm to thoroughly investigate and clearly identify potential conflicts of interest. New business intake process design includes assessing subject area, technology, and business conflicts while understanding the proper resources required to undertake the volume and complexity of intake and conflicts research. Law firms are too often faced with the task of researching a myriad of outside data sources in addition to large measures of internal data, often of widely varying accuracy.

Our Approach

A comprehensive process review allows InOutsource to understand current processes, resources, and drivers. This review allows us to understand the unique practices, industries, and jurisdictional concerns facing your firm. Standardized questionnaires and interview topics developed over more than a decade of client assessments are combined with queries used to assess the health of a law firm’s intake and conflicts databases.

InOutsource will then analyze how information is collected and from whom. We work with firms to understand the changing pressures to collect information around topics such as legal project management, alternative fee structures, budgeting, task codes, and e-billing. We then guide firms in the proper usage of engagement letters, conflict waiver letters, and negotiating the acceptance of outside counsel guidelines.


Cost Containment

InOutsource understands the importance of expense management. Law firm operational management is continually pressured to show diligent attention to cutting waste and improving efficiency. We consider the service of assisting clients in controlling the rising costs of their outside vendor services as a crucial part of the information management lifecycle.

Through our knowledge of the legal market and our experience in working with top service providers, InOutsource has the leading edge on expense reduction related to:

  • Offsite document storage
  • Data protection
  • Shredding services
  • Library and information services
  • Office products
  • Telecom and technology
  • Facilities management

Our Approach

Our proven three-step process continually results in client savings, satisfaction, and improved efficiency.

Step One: Benchmark

  • We benchmark vendor expenses against peer firms and what we have reviewed or negotiated on behalf of other law firms.
  • We identify areas of improvement in a law firm’s processes that would reduce Firm expenses for vendor services.

Step Two: Negotiate

  • We identify law firm goals and factors that drive the desire for change.
  • We draft and issue an RFI/RFP, managing all vendor inquiries throughout the process.
  • We provide an in-depth analysis and modeling of RFP results.
  • As part of every RFP process, we negotiate service level expectations and favorable contract exit terms.

Step Three: Monitor

  • We monitor monthly vendor invoices and perform regular audits to ensure compliance with the established contract terms.
  • We continually monitor client satisfaction with vendor service levels.


Project Management

InOutsource’s team of project managers bring efficiency to all software implementation and consulting engagements. Firm’s often suffer from projects lacking leadership, defined scope of work documentation, and little attention to project management. This results in projects that take longer to complete and cost more, both in billable hours and lost productivity.

With our legal industry focus, our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to assist in navigating common risks and the concerns and expectations of the firm’s project stakeholders.

InOutsource’s proven performance with law firms and software vendors gives us the insight needed to effectively manage resources while meeting the unique business practices of each organization. The InOutsource project teams utilize a variety of tools and strategies to ensure project milestones and objectives are met on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

These strategies include:

  • Weekly project status meetings
  • Management of meeting agendas
  • Notes and action items
  • Regular project updates to firm stakeholders
  • Use of dedicated project management software tools

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