The InOutsource team brings decades of law firm, information governance, and new business intake experience. Our consultants understand the technology and processes that reduce risks, improve efficiencies and decrease costs in a legal environment. We are technologists, Certified Records Managers, project managers, and integration specialists.

Nancy Beauchemin, CRM


Nancy is able to envision the future trajectory of legal industry trends, foresee what law firms will need in order to stay ahead of the curve, and effectively communicate these circumstances and solutions to our clients. With years of experience working hand-in-hand with firms of all sizes, locations, and personalities, Nancy draws upon her expert perspective to champion best practices solutions tailored to each client’s particular needs.

In 2002, Nancy founded InOutsource in direct response to law firms’ need for in-depth records management and information governance consulting. No matter how much conditions change in the legal industry over the years, Nancy’s forward thinking allows InOutsource to continuously grow and adapt in service of clients’ evolving needs. She leads our team in ensuring that law firms have the necessary policies, processes, procedures, and technical solutions in place in order to provide the highest-quality service to their own clients. Nancy employs top talent and mentors InOutsource team members across our solutions offerings, designing project teams with the strongest possible combination of complementary skills in order to ensure timely, effective, and high-satisfaction results.

With more than 20 years of experience working with law firms, Nancy is a force to be reckoned with in the legal consulting sphere. Prior to launching InOutsource, she honed her document and information system expertise through various sales and management positions that provided products and services to the legal industry. Nancy frequently speaks to legal professional groups on the risk and ethical issues of managing law firm records, and has authored several articles on the topic.

In addition to her B.S. degree from Northeastern University, Nancy holds the prestigious Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation from the Institute of Certified Records Managers.

Eric Mosca, CRM


Eric Mosca, CRM, director of operations for InOutsource, has more than 15 years of experience in new business intake and information management consultation. Specifically, he conducts comprehensive analyses of new business intake, conflicts, and records operations; develops policies and procedures; assists with documenting business and technology requirements and system selection; provides software development, implementation and testing; and oversees staffing solutions and vendor relationships.

Eric Mosca’s conflicts of interest management, records management and project management experience stems from a variety of positions within the legal industry. Previously, he served in law firms as a records manager focused on organizing complex litigation material, a manager of facilities management operations and a project manager instituting records management and imaging solutions.

Eric Mosca has been designated as a Certified Records Manager and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Temple University. He frequently speaks about the technology and processes surrounding client intake workflow, conflicts and records management. He is also a frequent contributor to well-known legal publications and a presenter at the International Legal Technology Association’s annual conference.

David Beauchemin


David designs business processes to maximize efficiency and documents compliance efforts in regards to information governance. He has implemented a variety of legacy records managements systems, and currently oversees InOutsource’s records management system implementation team. In this role, he manages projects and communicates the development roadmap with the vendor team.

He is an expert in retention for physical and electronic files. He has managed large-scale final disposition projects for law firms and guided paper-reduction initiatives as part of office space consolidations and moves. David also has expertise in creating custom-tailored software training documentation and leading training sessions for law firm staff members.

David holds a B.A. from Saint Joseph’s University.

Megan Beauchemin

Director, Data & Analytics

Megan empowers law firms to recognize the full potential of their data.

Megan assists firms in designing an enterprise data strategy. She provides data landscape assessments, collaborates with clients to create custom data roadmaps, and guides firms through the technology selection and implementation process. Megan utilizes progressive analytics technology solutions to enable law firms to improve operational efficiency and drive new growth.

Her years of experience in the legal industry combined with her background in data analytics enable her to provide unique, strategic guidance to firms no matter the maturity of their current data program. With a strong knowledge of law firm operations, she is able to articulate and develop cutting-edge use cases for analytics in the legal sphere.

Megan holds an M.S. in Business Intelligence and Analytics from Saint Joseph’s University.

Zachary Beauchemin

Data & Analytics Consultant

Zach develops custom analytics solutions that enable law firms to make data-driven decisions.

Zach supports law firm clients as a developer on business intelligence platform implementations. He designs data models, builds ETL processes, and provides technical support for our law firm clients who have adopted business intelligence technology. Zach specializes in Qlik and Sisense system administration. He works collaboratively to ensure that each client’s custom needs are met during implementation.

Previously, Zach has worked at InOutsource as a database developer, supporting FileTrail and Intapp Open implementations. This prior experience gives him a strong foundation and knowledge of common law firm technology solutions.

Zach holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Aaron Brown

Solutions Architect

Aaron plays an active role in the design, development, and implementation process of Intapp Open.

He specializes in software design and front-end development for new matter intake and conflicts. Aaron helps firms capitalize on their technology investments by tailoring workflows to their needs, and his training as an attorney gives him legal-specific insight into best practices solutions.

Aaron holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona, and is a graduate of Villanova University School of Law.

Alicia Buyarski

Billing Coordinator

Alicia manages billing on a company-wide basis and performs a wide range of administrative functions.

She ensures the accurate and timely preparation of client bills. She handles many of the day-to-day administrative duties for both the Philadelphia and Wilmington offices. In addition, Alicia utilizes her background in event planning to organize company events and coordinate staff activities.

Alicia has a B.A. from Rowan University.


Frank Callan


Frank offers a wealth of expertise to law firms pursuing technology projects such as new business intake, conflicts of interest, and information governance software implementations.

He has managed large data translation projects for Aderant, Elite Enterprise, and Elite 3E, and integrated core applications to ensure that data is propagated cleanly and efficiently. With a background in web development, SQL, SSIS, SSRS reporting, and Intapp Integration Builder, Frank focuses on data integrity and offers a range of methods to clean up existing data stores.

Frank’s expertise comes from a variety of positions held throughout the past 25 years in law firms and corporate environments. Most recently, he served as a data architect and web developer at Merrill Lynch, and as an integration specialist with Ballard Spahr LLP.

He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Accounting.

Tim Clauss

Information Governance Implementation Manager

Tim brings a wealth of industry experience and data wizardry to InOutsource. He skillfully oversees client software conversions, recommends best practice features for vendor product development, and provides mentorship to the records management system implementation team.

One of Tim’s many strengths is his capacity to dive deeply into system data and coherently explain the results to non-technical system users. Drawing upon his technical proficiency and extensive background in the legal field, he configures records management solutions to fit client’s unique needs and helps them leverage their infrastructure investments. Tim is a leader in the field of broad application retention policy and is a skilled developer in a variety of programming languages, including SQL, XML/XSL, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, and JavaScript.

With more than 20 years of experience, 12 specific to the legal industry, Tim has served as the project lead and technical analyst on hundreds of records and conflicts system projects. Previously, he worked for the Kentucky Department of Public Health, CSC, the Department of Defense, Thompson Coburn, W Venture, and Revolution Software.

Tim has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Alisha DiGiandomenico

Information Governance Project Manager

Alisha is responsible for shepherding your project by ensuring plans are kept, deadlines are met, and teams are working effectively and efficiently.

She builds lasting partnerships with law firms, addressing their information governance needs through policy, procedure, and technology. Her keen understanding of legal concepts and processes, comfort with robust data, and effective communication skills enable her to advocate for her clients’ needs. Alisha also contributes to policy and procedure consulting to several of InOutsource’s longstanding clients, and she frequently assists as a product specialist for prospective client outreach.

Previously, Alisha worked with postsecondary institutions on federal, state, and local compliance and regulatory matters.

She holds an M.Ed. from Widener University.


Christopher Eckenrode

Solutions Architect

Chris focuses on project management, consulting support, and process design for conflicts and new business intake.

He connects clients’ problems with InOutsource solutions in order to drive new business intake and conflicts projects forward. In addition to supporting initial implementations, Chris provides consistent support throughout a variety of initiatives for the life of the client engagement. He expertly negotiates the bridge between law firm staffers and technical resources, ensuring clear communication and issue resolution for mutually beneficial outcomes.

For the better part of a decade, Chris worked in new business intake, conflicts of interest due diligence, and conflicts resolution with one of the top international law firms. His firsthand knowledge of the process and its intricacies brings an added layer of legal-specific expertise that is invaluable to our clients.

Chris holds a B.S. from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Adrienne M. Girone, IGP

Information Governance Project Manager

Adrienne works with law firms on a variety of information governance projects and cost containment initiatives.

Adrienne supports initial benchmarking assessments for firms seeking to improve their information governance programs, and provides ongoing support to long-term clients. She also assists firms in renegotiating and managing their offsite vendor contracts and relationships, in the interest of enabling cost-effective compliance with retention guidelines.

She has a strong background in qualitative and quantitative research, including survey methodology. She utilizes this skill set to collect and analyze data, identify trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement in clients’ information governance programs.

Adrienne earned an M.A. from Vanderbilt University. She is also a certified Information Governance Professional (IGP).

Karen Herwig

Administrative Director

Karen supervises all administrative services, including finance and human resources. She is also responsible for planning, coordinating, and supporting daily operational functions.

She has been with InOutsource since the company’s inception in 2002.


Rabiya Hirji-Young

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Rabiya advises law firm clients in the development and implementation of new and improved risk management practices and policies.

Her areas of expertise include implementing workflows for new business intake, confidentiality screens, client-issued guidelines, lateral partner onboarding, and contract attorney hires. She also specializes in risk and compliance training for attorneys and staff. She excels at conducting analyses of a broad range of legal administrative processes and leading projects to streamline said processes and mitigate risk.

Rabiya has 20 years of experience in law firm risk management, from positions held at both national and international law firms. At her most recent positions prior to joining InOutsource, she worked under the oversight of the general counsel and managed litigation docketing, conflicts, new business intake, and information governance functions on a firmwide basis.

Kel Jackson

Data & Analytics Consultant

Kel develops and implements custom analytics solutions that enable law firms to make data- driven decisions.

Kel supports our law firm clients as a developer on business intelligence and analytics platform implementations. Specializing in Qlik and Alteryx design, his focus is creating data models and dashboards to ensure that each client’s custom needs are met during implementation. In addition, he also develops and maintains relationships with current and former clients.

Kel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, with a focus in Marketing and a Minor in Entrepreneurship, from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Harley Kasha

Systems Integration Specialist

Harley is an invaluable resource to our law firm technology implementation teams.

His work focuses on migrating data from multiple systems and creating permanent processes to synchronize the data efficiently. Harley works in tandem with clients to develop custom solutions for complex data integrations.

With over 20 years of professional IT experience, Harley has a wide array of technical knowledge across multiple business areas. His seven years of programming and four years of management experience for a large Philadelphia-based firm allow him to contribute extensive industry knowledge in intake, conflicts, Intellectual Property, and information management. Harley’s technical background includes proficiency with various programming languages as well as SharePoint, SQL, and Intapp Integrate.

Conor Knight

Information Governance Configuration Manager

Conor provides configuration management and information governance consulting to our records management system implementations. He works with law firms to implement records management software, recommend retention best practices, and execute successful disposition initiatives. He leverages his experience with legacy records systems and his expertise with newly adopted software to guide clients through the configuration of their unique environment.

Conor has also been embedded in law firm records departments and has assisted with both large-scale disposition review projects and office moves. He has worked with support staff, attorneys, and law firm vendors to enhance workflow efficiency and allocate resources.

Conor holds a B.A. from Rutgers University.


Kyle Konopka

Information Governance Project Manager

Kyle provides project management and information governance consulting to our law firm clients.

He manages technical resources and facilitates communication throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition to a new records management solution. Kyle advocates for his clients while identifying and resolving issues, tailoring solutions to fit each firm’s unique data and policy requirements. He also frequently serves as a product specialist during new business outreach.

Previously, Kyle worked in market research and consulting, where he focused on legal, financial, healthcare, and consumer studies. This technical background along with his analytical aptitude provided Kyle with a strong foundation for his current role.

Kyle holds a B.S. from Saint Joseph’s University.


Anton Korotkov

Data and Analytics Consultant

Anton provides custom solutions using data analytics tools, at the organizational level, that improve data accuracy, streamline processes, and sustain a level of future proofing.

Specializing in Qlik, Business Objects, SQL, and ETL processes, he collaborates with InOutsource team members to develop solutions directly relevant to law firm customer scenarios and deliver insights critical to driving success.

His extensive law firm experience within Finance/Accounting and IT departments provides vast knowledge of best practices within the industry. His previous accomplishments include conversion and development of numerous custom Financial Reports, Administering BI system, developing Firm’s Financial Warehouse and Financial Dashboard.

Anton holds a degree in Bachelor of Science/Operations Information Systems Management from Pennsylvania State University.

Ted Matey

Senior Solutions Architect

Ted assists law firm clients in undertaking new business intake and information governance projects.

Ted supports Intapp Open implementations by developing process documentation, testing data migrations and software components, and providing project management oversight. He has worked to implement a variety of policy, procedural, and technology initiatives related to new business intake, conflicts, and records management. In addition, he plays an active role in the design, development, and implementation process, in collaboration with other InOutsource colleagues.

Previously, Ted served as interim head of information governance for a 500-attorney international law firm. In this capacity, he focused on implementing process change and mentoring staff through the adoption of new practices. This industry expertise and hands-on background in change management during technology adoptions makes him an important asset for our law firm clients.

Jonathan Mosca

Solutions Architect

Jon primarily serves as a front-end developer on Intapp Open implementation projects.

Jon translates law firms’ conflicts and intake processes and ideas into newly customized workflows and forms. His ability to quickly diagnose issues and come up with creative solutions is key in providing deployment support for our clients.

Jon has several years of on-site law firm experience, embedded in records management departments. This prior experience and hands-on exposure to law firm information management gives him a depth of understanding when it comes to legal-specific processes and systems.

Dominick Paradise

Solutions Architect

Dominick works on Intapp Open implementation projects as a front-end developer, enabling successful, workable deployments for our clients.

He customizes conflicts and intake forms to suit clients’ particular procedures. Dominick’s focus on software design and development of new matter intake and conflicts solutions is an integral part of realizing clients’ implementation goals.

Previously, Dominick has worked in law firms, giving him firsthand knowledge of the legal industry to draw upon in his current capacity. These experiences included development of records and information governance operations, office moves and consolidations, and retention policy implementation.

Dominick holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Temple University.


Jeff Pierantozzi

Information Governance Developer

Jeff Pierantozzi, CRM, PMP, has over 20 years of experience as an information governance specialist, software engineer, technical project manager, and management consultant. He combines the ability to develop and implement policy and governance at an enterprise level with a detailed understanding of technology, enabling clients to build successful information governance and data analytics programs. Jeff is adept at all aspects of information governance, from designing and building enterprise programs, to implementing solutions aimed at addressing specific needs. Specific projects have included managing records in email and designing business processes that streamline business operations while enforcing policies and standards. Additionally, he has a deep background in data analytics, having built numerous solutions from executive dashboards to enterprise reporting systems for clients in the public and private sectors. Jeff has also applied his technical data analytics capabilities to litigation support, performing detailed analysis on complex financial litigation matters in support of proof-of-fraud and other expert testimony.

Previously, Jeff has held various roles at large management consulting firms providing information governance, data analytics, and software development services to Fortune 500 companies in various industries including energy, transportation, media, and hospitality.

Jeff speaks regularly on information governance topics at local and national professional organization conferences (ARMA, AIIM), and has published several articles on various information governance topics. He also serves as an adjunct professor of software engineering at Rowan University.

Jeff has a B.S. in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Chris Parise

Solutions Consultant

Chris focuses on implementing Intapp Open solutions for law firm clients.

His prior experience includes working in highly-regulated environments of the public and nonprofit sectors, including designing, implementing, and maintaining digital recordkeeping solutions. This gives Chris a unique expertise in reporting and monitoring compliance matters.

Chris holds a Master’s in Public Administration.

Jonas Persson


Jonas provides technical expertise in data migration, software development and installation, and data integrity.

He develops, maintains, and integrates a variety of standard and non-standard law-specific software applications within finance, business intake, auditing, internal processing, and conflicts systems. His skillsets include .Net programming, SQL, SSIS, and SSRS reporting.

In 2007, Jonas began working in the world of law software applications. He has years of previous experience as a software developer of document management and process modeling systems.

Jonas graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Jeannine Powers

Client Success Specialist

Jeannine is a key player in establishing and maintaining strong client relationships.

She supports marketing and business development initiatives for the overall satisfaction of both the company and our clients. Jeannine also provides administrative support to multiple departments, ensuring that InOutsource’s business lines are operating at the highest capacity in order to provide our clients with top-quality service.

Her prior experience includes helping law firm clients reduce expenses while achieving their records management goals. She has also assisted law firms with the creation and maintenance of electronic records.

Jeannine holds an M.A. from Temple University.

Haidee Rodriguez

Solutions Consultant

Haidee assists our law firm clients with conflicts and intake implementation projects.

She supports law firms with process assessments, software component design, and software development, while maintaining client relationships and expectations through skilled project management oversight. In addition, Haidee leads InOutsource’s training initiative for clients, providing valuable knowledge transfer and acclimating clients to improved systems for conflicts of interest and new client analysis.

Having worked previously in prominent Philadelphia law firms in these areas, Haidee has a strong subject-matter expertise in conflicts of interest and new business intake analytics and procedures. This allows her to provide informed guidance to her clients, ensuring their solutions are in accordance with best practices while accommodating for firms’ particular needs.

Haidee has a B.A. from Rider University, with a concentration in Legal Studies.

Matthew Ruggieri

Development and Technology Manager

Matt currently leads InOutsource’s Intapp Open implementations, providing project management and development oversight.

He works directly with clients to develop policies and procedures to effectively manage information. Such developments reduce risk exposure, while maximizing the capabilities of their business and information governance software systems.

Matt has worked with law firms to implement a variety of business intake, conflicts, document management, and records management systems. This work included providing support for resolution of software data integrity issues, and providing training to law firm staff. His background as both a conflicts analyst and information governance specialist empowers him to deliver best-practice solutions informed by real-world law firm experience.

Alec Schoenfeld

Solutions Consultant

Alec works with law firms on implementation projects related to conflicts and new matter intake.

A lawyer by training, Alec was previously a senior researcher in the conflicts department of an Am 100 law firm during the firm’s transition to Intapp Open. As a result of that experience, he has both a deep knowledge of the conflicts function in large law firms and a practical appreciation for the impact of software implementation projects on firm personnel.

Alec graduated, magna cum laude, from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where he was an editor of the Temple Law Review.

Austin Spivey

Data & Analytics Consultant

Austin develops and implements custom analytics solutions that enable law firms to make data- driven decisions.

Specializing in Qlik and Sisense application design, Austin supports our law firm clients as a developer on business intelligence platform implementations. He creates functional designs, architects solutions, and provides technical support. Austin works collaboratively to ensure that each client’s custom needs are met during implementation.

His previous experience in the legal industry gives Austin insight into its unique concerns, as well familiarity with common law firm technology solutions.

Austin holds a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing Strategy and Business Analytics from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Aaron Sternick

Solutions Architect

Aaron focuses on the design of new matter intake and conflicts solutions to meet the needs of InOutsource’s law firm clients.

Aaron provides consistent support throughout the life of the client relationship, starting with initial implementations. As an attorney himself, Aaron is equipped to handle process design with the end user in mind.

Aaron has prior experience working in diverse legal environments from law firms and pro bono advocacy, to solo practice. This gives him a unique ability to understand the needs specific to law firms, as well as modern legal industry trends.

Aaron is a graduate of Villanova University School of Law.

Alethea Thomas

Information Governance Supervisor

Alethea provides support in the creation and implementation of information governance initiatives, policies, and procedures.

As part of a long-term onsite project with an AmLaw200 firm, Alethea oversees an information governance management team. In this role, she aids the firm in the transition from physical records systems to electronic information management practices.

Alethea brings extensive onsite law firm experience to her leadership role. In particular, her years of expertise managing Intellectual Property Records for an AmLaw200 firm make her a true asset for our clients.

Alethea graduated from Emporia State University with a Master’s in Library and Information Science.

Antwan Thomas

Systems Integration Specialist

As part of the Intapp Open technical team, Antwan works on various stages of the data implementation and migration process.

Antwan designs, develops and delivers enterprise solutions using a variety of technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations. He provides insight during the technical planning and integration phases of projects, implementing solutions that increase business productivity. Antwan ensures that best practices are being used and solutions are being implemented in harmony with the customer’s requirements.

Antwan has over 10 years of experience in the legal industry as Application Development Manager for a large Philadelphia-based law firm, as well as over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. His experience delivering complex enterprise deployments to both legal and technical audience makes him an invaluable resource to our clients.

Aaron Ward

Sales Manager

Aaron drives strategic relationships with enterprise law firm decision-makers.

As part of this process, Aaron collaborates with customers to provide analytic technology solutions that enable growth and operational efficiencies. He looks to address firms’ needs by identifying uncovered hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, and other useful information that can help organizations make more informed business decisions with data.

Aaron has a B.A. from University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Daniel Warner

Information Governance Configuration Manager

Daniel provides configuration management and information governance consulting to our records management system implementations.

His knowledge of legacy records management databases and legal industry standards enable him to configure vendor software to meet clients’ expectations effectively. He also supports the data migration team for conversion and integrity best practices.

Previously, Daniel supported multiple law firms in transitioning their records management software solutions. He is experienced in guiding attorneys and support staff throughout the technology adoption process, and skillfully leads user training during such transitions. He has also been instrumental in implementing paper-lite initiatives, policies, and processes within law firms.

Daniel holds a B.A. from Rutgers University and a post-baccalaureate certificate from Villanova University.

Zack Warren

Information Governance Project Analyst

Zack supports information governance initiatives for an AmLaw 200 firm, facilitating project workflow and implementation.

Zack is currently the project lead of a team focused on enhancing the technical transition for lateral attorney on-boarding. He has also aided in the policy and procedural development of a client and attorney off-boarding initiative, which involves interdepartmental collaboration and execution. Zack’s unique ability to construct tailored solutions allows him to function as a successful intermediary for information governance across firm hierarchies.

Previously, Zack spent several years working in information technology, where he led a team of dedicated service technicians. This time and experience laid the cornerstone for much of his current work.

Max Welsh

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Max leads law firms in assessing and enhancing their conflicts, new business intake, and information governance programs and processes.

He provides guidance to clients whose information governance and conflicts programs are in varying states of maturity. He works hand-in-hand with firm stakeholders to implement solutions aligned with industry best practices, while simultaneously accommodating each client’s particular requirements.

Prior to joining InOutsource, Max served as deputy general counsel of Foley & Lardner LLP. In this capacity, he advised senior management, administrative departments, and staff on matters of risk, professional responsibility, ethics, data security strategy, and compliance. In addition, Max directed the administrative operations of Foley’s conflicts and new business intake function, re-engineering the department’s policies, processes, and staffing model. He also spent years as a practicing lawyer, both in private practice and for the U.S. Government.

Max graduated from The George Washington University School of Law.


Vincent Westley

Information Governance Analyst

Vincent directly helps law firm clients with their growing information governance needs.

As part of an information governance team supporting an AmLaw 200 firm, Vincent facilitates client and attorney transfers. In this role he is also responsible for change management of the transition to digital records, as well as data loss prevention.

Prior to InOutsource, Vincent was responsible for electronic record compliance in the tax services industry. His expertise now enables legal professionals to have their records and information effectively managed from within.

Vincent holds an B.A. from the University of Missouri.

John Zahradnick

Business Development Lead

John builds relationships with key law firm decision-makers in order to identify and address firms’ needs in the areas of information governance and records management.

Currently, he assists large law firms in evaluating FileTrail as a replacement records management solution, ensuring that firms’ needs are met at all levels. As part of this process, John identifies additional information management challenges that firms are facing. In response to potential and existing clients’ particular objectives, he facilitates connections to relevant experts across InOutsource’s service lines, ensuring that firms have access to the resources necessary to sustain robust information governance programs.

His experience includes placement within law firm records departments, offsite storage contract renegotiations, and records management process improvements. He has also worked on marketing initiatives, hosted educational webinars, and led ILTA product demonstrations.

John has a B.A. from Arcadia University.